IV vitamin Drip

We are made of what we eat…well, what we assimilate. We believe food is medicine and let our medicine be your food. What food lacks are unfortunately many essential vital micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This is where we step in. IV Therapy tailored for you. Whether before the big event, to fight off an illness, or perhaps you're just in need of a boost. IV Therapy may be right for you.

PRP Regenerative Injection

We are able to harness the body’s natural immune components to provide optimal environmental factors to facilitate healing. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be isolated from a sample of blood. PRP is composed of components of blood (platelets, growth factors, and other components such as white blood cells). The role of these components help optimize your body’s environmental conditions to stimulate and facilitate soft tissue and bone healing. PRP is packed with factors which are essential in blood vessel growth (angiogenesis), tissue regeneration, and to establish relief and repair.


Every organ of the body runs at different frequencies, this device harnesses the technology to tap into the specific frequencies to promote healing, pain reduction, or pain elimination.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation impulses interrupt pain signaling by blocking pain receptors. This Therapy has been used by pro-athletes and Physicians for years in pain management to reduce pain and stress on the body during the healing process.


This therapy is used to reduce superficial deposits of fat. these are injections localized to problem areas to reduce fat. Found to be very effective in reducing localized fat.


has been used for to treat unwanted lines and wrinkles in Women for years. Now Men are playing a bigger role in this nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. Whether Man or Women, Botox is FDA approved and recommended in the prevention and reduction of wrinkles. We embrace age and we look good doing it.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

This injection therapy harnessing the many natural powerful chemicals (growth factors) and powerful signaling molecules (cytokines) actions of blood (Platelet-rich plasma) used to treat sexual dysfunction, stimulate vaginal sensitivity to aid in achieving orgasm, treating incontinence, and overall vaginal health.

Penile Rejuvenation

The injection therapy is a procedure designed to deliver the power of blood components (Platelet-rich plasma). This therapy may effectively treat erectile dysfunction with long lasting results. It is designed to increase performance and is the only potential non-surgical treatment to treat ED and enhance physical size.

Minor Surgery

We offer the latest dermatologic surgery services. We offer minor surgery for Moles, Sebaceous Cysts, Cysts, Lipomas, Warts & Nail Removals.